NTC.EU - Consulting Agency

NTC EU is the Agency for consulting which leans to the Agency for Education EDU NTC with its headquarters in Novi Sad. Partner Agency is principally a tool for creating NTC program ( Learning System) but also visibility I realize NTC program through projects supported by the EU financial instruments.

In addition to its original purpose, the Agency is designed to provide its services promotion, counseling, information, education and transfer of know when it comes to the creation of EU project I realized I put at the disposal of the other partners and stakeholders. As such, the monitoring of the NTC system of learning, it is present throughout the European Union and countries in the region.

NTC EU supports its clients, in public and private sector, in gaining nonrefundable funds, from European Union funds, World Bank funds, Ministries and other institutions.

Our services are based on the experience of the professionals who work all around Europe and we invest in their knowledge and in service development.


We offer informative and educational programs and consulting services to all the clients who are involved in management, coordination and/or support of the projects co-financed by the EU or other institutions:

  • Governmental Institutions and Regional Institutions
  • Local self-government representatives
  • Public and Private Enterprises
  • Development agencies, entrepreneurship centers and incubator representatives
  • Public administration representatives
  • NGO representatives
  • Scientific and research institution representatives
  • Project managers
  • Cluster managers
  • Those who estimate, monitor and revise the data.


The main aim is to stimulate project planning in the right moment in order to increase use of EU funds, which leads to faster regional development.

By using knowledge and competence of the expert team, we offer our services in overall process of the project realization, from project idea, financing to project implementation.


Collection and presentation of the information about the EU that are relevant for clients from public and private sector is the key to recognition of the projects that can be co-financed from the EU funds. We informs our clients through annual forums, info days, newsletter and specialized website. Information is related to:

  • News on funds and project financing by the EU
  • EU programs that are available to beneficiaries from Western Balkans
  • News on regulations and EU laws that are important in public and private sector
  • Possibilities of call application and public procurement of the EU
  • Possibilities of joining the networks and project partner seeking
  • Specific questions related to the EU.


In order to help the clients in active development management, We offers educational programs:

Training center for European Union – School of European Union – workshops on details in project development process, project documentation writing and project realization. Program of the Training center is being held during the whole year. Programs and trainings are intended for employees in Government, local self-government representatives and for other interested institutions and organizations from Western Balkans.


There are many ways for gaining funds and NTC.EU has developed a system that enables recognition of projects that can be financed and funds source recognition. It is important to prepare project with respect to defined guidelines in order to apply for a competition.

Our consultants offer following services:

  • Project identification and creation – recognition of the projects that can apply for EU funds and project proposal preparation: aims and activities in the project
  • Concrete development project definition – projects that are ready for realization. It is a base for successful application on the EU calls and other calls organized by European organizations that give nonrefundable funds similarly like EU
  • Monitoring of the call procedure
  • Eligibility assessment
  • Help for finding project partner
  • Project application and translation to English language: project justification, logical matrix, budget
  • Proposal for financing from EU funds
  • Feasibility study
  • Connection with key partners: financial institutions, investors and Euro regions.


After obtaining funds from the EU or other organization, it is necessary to invest time and resources in project realization. We can help its clients with detailed procedures that are needed. We can emphasize services:

  • Project management throughout the realization in order to minimize the costs and achieve goals in planned time.