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Illogical story – NTC dice is a game you may use to practice illogical stories and thus foster imagination, creativity and activation of thought processes. The game is designed in such a way that it can also be competitive. In addition to story telling, the instructions contain a section on how to use the dice to play a bonus game “Tongue Twisters – Funny Faces”.

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The game author: Ranko Rajović 

Expert Associates: Marina Ilić, Vuk Rajović, Nemanja Bojanić, Jelena Vukić, Danica Mojić 

Games titles:  “Illogical Story – NTC Dice” and “Tongue Twisters – Funny Faces” 

Age: 4+ Players: 2 to 6 

Contents: 6 illustrated dice, a notepad for keeping score, instructions 

Each dice is illustrated with different concepts. 

Dice 1: Elephant, spider, snail, ant, cobra, ostrich 

Dice 2: Baker, carpenter, painter, postman, fireman, astronaut 

Dice 3: Ship, balloon, bike, desert, waterfall, labyrinth 

Dice 4: Racket, pot, hammer, table, suitcase, guitar 

Dice 5: Brazil, Australia, Italy, Egypt, Hungary, China 

Dice 6: France, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Holland, India 

Illogical Stories 

The brain is a survival organ and includes reserve capacities for illogical stuff in order to check whether it’s something life threatening. It doesn’t even matter whether the illogical stuff is something real or imagined, because the brain has its reaction patterns and it automatically turns on the reserve regions.  Those are the exact regions that the Illogical stories activate and, that way, through playing, the children try to collect as many points as possible and to come up with the best (the least logical) stories. That’s how they activate associative regions which are important for the development of creativity and divergent thinking – crucial for the development of thought processes and functional knowledge. 

Thought Series and Classifications 

The dice with flags are numbered in such a way to indicate the countries’ size. That way, the dice get another educational development element, by helping the children to learn flags but also to master the concept of size, which is something we use in the NTC games that develop mathematical logical thinking (thought series and classifications games). 

Tongue Twisters and Associations 

Especially for this game, the NTC expert team has designed tongue twisters which are associations to certain countries. The child rolls the dice with flags and repeats the tongue twister 3 times. We have added the second dice to obtain the number of tongue twister repetitions (from 1 to 6). The second dice idea was published by Danila Mojić in the NTC manual “Learning is a Game”. 

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