NTC Early Stimulation

(In Serbian Language)

Early stimulation, advantages and significance

The idea is to point out to the parents the importance and necessity of proper early stimulation for the development of children's motor and cognitive abilities. It is intended for expecting mothers and parents of children up to three years old.

The parents get lectures, workshops and consultations, and have homework, as appropriate. At the end of the programme, the participants receive electronic certificate of completion.

The author of the NTC program Ranko Rajović and expert associates Anica Jezdić and Marina Ilić participate in the implementation.

The programme is based on the latest findings in neurophysiology. It entails teaching parents and those who work with children up to three years of age. The can utilise the acquired knowledge in daily activities and thus provide the children with precious help in growing up.

The programme includes presentation of scientific evidence, positive and negative examples, knowledge and experiences of the author, practical advice and exercises. All of it affects the participants urging them to apply the new knowledge on their children.


Part I – Development of Child’s Potential (Ranko Rajović)
Part II – A Good Start (Anica Jezdić and Marina Ilić)
Part III – The Power of Communication (Anica Jezdić and Marina Ilić)
Part IV – Through Play into the World 1 (Anica Jezdić and Marina Ilić)
Part V – Through Play into the World 2 (Anica Jezdić and Marina Ilić)

Registration and information

The price for all 5 workshops is 8,000.00 RSD.

For more information, please contact us at: 
The number of participants is limited.

More about the programme

Part I – Development of Child’s Potential

  • The importance of genetics and environment for the development of intelligence. 
  • Parental mistakes, primitive reflexes, games that slow down or damage child’s development. 
  • Games that stimulate the development of the child's overall abilities, the development of mathematical and logical thinking. 
  • Examples from practice, workshops

Part II – A Good Start

  • Prenatal stimulation. When and how? How much and why? 
  • The baby’s environment and its influence on the development 
  • What do all enriched environments have in common? 
  • Stimulation during daily activities
  • Don't teach your baby, play and explore together
  • The parent – the most valuable toy 

Part III – The Power of Communication

  • Early communication, impact on cognitive and socio-emotional development 
  • Parental reading of baby's signals 
  • The path from accidental to intentional communication
  • Non-verbal communication How? Why?
  • What is child-directed speech?
  • Encouraging speech and language development, tips for stimulation
  • Relation between motor skills and speech

Parts IV and V – Through Play into the World

  • The influence of motor skills on cognitive skills, tips and examples 
  • Playing as a way of learning 
  • Milestones in the development 
  • Motor skills and movement coordination, games
  • From fine motor skills to graphomotor skills, tips for stimulation
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