NTC Licences and Centres

Check out the map below to see in which cities there are active NTC centres and licensed institutions.
The maps of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia will soon be published too.

NTC centre – arranges NTC workshops in the city, in cooperation with the author of the NTC Programme, Dr. Ranko Rajović. 

If there is no NTC centre active in your city, please fill in the application form so that we can get in touch. 


NTC licence – an institution implementing the NTC Programme in the course of its work, independently, without the Programme author. 

If you would like your institution to implement the NTC Programme, please fill in the application form so that we can get in touch.  


NTC centre

This is the highest level of implementation of the NTC Programme.

In the NTC centres, our expert team organises (educational, sports and musical) workshops for children. The workshops programme is designed by the author, Ranko Rajović and the co-author Uroš Petrović and it is uniform in all countries where it’s implemented. For now, there are NTC centres in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro and Serbia.

The list of NTC centres may be found on the page about children’s workshops.
NTC centres

NTC Licences

Special licensing programme for private institutions (preschool institutions, primary schools, foreign language schools and sports schools) enables daily implementation of the NTC methodology during a school/work year. In cooperation with the NTC expert team, after completing the professional seminar, daycare and school teachers are enabled to utilise the NTC activities in practice. The mutual cooperation covers: supervisory monitoring of work, consultations, implementation of new activities and quality control of the Programme implementation. The NTC licence has three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. Two-way communication and keeping practice under review especially contribute to continuous improvement of work with children. Successful synergy and satisfaction of children and parents are the basic prerequisites for extending the license after a school/work year ends. 

Every institution is offered the opportunity to choose a licence package according to its needs. Basic NTC licence implies that at least 51% of employees have passed the NTC professional seminar, that they have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to implement the NTC programme in practice, and that they have the NTC material and games needed for working with children. Intermediate NTC licence, in addition to the items included in the basic level package, also covers supervision of the Programme implementation in practice. Advanced NTC licence involves expanded cooperation with the institution’s employees, through organising demonstration activities as well as preparing presentations for parents.  

The procedure for obtaining the licence: 

  • completion of the professional NTC seminar, 
  • implementation of the Programme in practice, for at least two months, 
  • analysis of the Programme implementation,  
  • issuing the licence. 


We offer supervision to government institutions whose employees complete the NTC professional seminar and apply the Programme in their work. The list of government institutions under the supervision may be found in the table under licensed institutions. 


For more information on how to obtain an NTC licence, please email us at: info@ntclearning.com 

Below is a list of institutions holding the NTC licence. We advise parents looking to enrol their children in a NTC licensed institution to check the validity of their licence on our web site. Moreover, the NTC licence may be inspected on site, to check the names of the employees who have completed the professional NTC seminar course and implement the Programme in their work. This is especially important because many institutions may promote themselves as working according to the NTC Programme, although they do not have a valid NTC licence, so we do not guarantee for the quality of their work. 


Basic NTC licence – one star
Intermediate NTC licence – two stars
Advance NTC licence – three stars
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