NTC Summer Camps

(In Serbian Language)
More info coming soon.
More info coming soon.

Our camp enables children to learn about the world around them, improve mutual communication, acquire knowledge about nature and learn to find their way in it, strengthen their research spirit and physical skills. This is achieved through the following indicatively listed activities that depend on the camp location:

NTC workshops “Learning is play”
NTC training ground
Night walk
Orientation in nature
Mysterious campfire stories
Sports activities
Exploring and learning about flora and fauna
Mysterious quest
Making a forest cabin
NTC social games tournament
Balance stone
NTC handicraft
NTC workshops with expert associates

We’ve captured some memorable moments from previous camps:
See what it was like in previous years:
NTC Camp 2022.
NTC Camp - Kopaonik 2016.
NTC Camp 2019 – Leisure activities
NTC Camp Gučevo 2018
NTC Camp 2021 - Gučevo
NTC Anthem – NTC Camp 2020
A day at the NTC Camp – Gučevo 2018
NTC Camp Gučevo 2017.
NTC Learning System
NTC Camp Gučevo 2015.
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