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(In Serbian Language)
We have recently introduced digital workshops (in Serbian). Although Dr. Ranko Rajović and the NTC Learning System in general advocate that children should have as little as possible screen time, parents still argued that an hour a week is not so bad, if the time is spent on a workshop for the benefit of their children. Therefore, primarily at the request of parents from the diaspora and the cities that do not have NTC centres, we have decided to introduce this kind of workshops.  We offer two options:

NTC Online Zoom Workshops

These workshops are in line with the regular NTC workshop cycle, except that the child is working from home using the Zoom application. The teacher, on the other hand, assigns tasks and activities that the child needs to do. Younger children (white, yellow and orange group) need parents’ help with the workshops, while older ones (blue and green group) can work on their own.

The NTC online Zoom Workshops groups are the following:
White group (4- and 5-year-olds)
Yellow group (6-year-olds)
Orange group (7-year-olds)
Blue group (8- and 9-year-olds)
Green group (10- and 11-year-olds)

The price of the online NTC workshop is 90.00 EUR for a cycle of 12 workshops, and the payment can be made in 3 monthly instalments of 30.00 EUR. The first instalment is due after the first workshop. When you sign up for the workshop, you get a pdf workbook. 

Families that sign up two children are granted discount of 15% for the second child, while the discount for the third child is 30%, and 50% for the fourth.

The registration deadline for the spring cycle of NTC workshops has passed. The new NTC school year starts in September, and, if you are interested, please fill in the application form.

NTC video material for parents and children

The NTC video material is designed for parents living in the cities where there are no NTC centres and for working with children during summer and winter holidays when the workshops at the centres are not held. The package contains video instructions for every exercise and a workbook in pdf format (in Latin or Cyrillic script) that you need to print out. The exercises are adapted for work from home and designed for parents who will use them when working with their child/children. Many of them can be applied spontaneously in everyday activities and with children of different ages. We currently offer the first cycle of 4 workshops, and each workshop consists of 4 exercises. 
To register and download the material, please click on the button “Sign up for the NTC video material” at the bottom of this page. 
There is material designed for two age groups: 
• Younger (4–7 years) 
• Older (8–12 years) 
The price for the first cycle of 4 workshops is 2,000.00 RSD  for payments from Serbia, or 20.00 EUR for international payments. Children who attend the regular NTC workshops or have attended them during the school year are entitled to 20% discount and the price for them is 1,600.00 RSD. If you wish to purchase the workshops for both age groups, the price is 4,000.00 RSD. 
The price includes: 
• a workbook in electronic format, 
• video preparations for each exercise, 
• 3 months of email consultations, starting from the time of activation, 
• a certificate of successful completion of the course, with the child’s name and the number of points achieved. 
Once you complete the exercises, you need to take photos and email them to us, so that we can prepare the certificate for your child. 
After you receive the material, online consultations and video contents will be available to you for 3 months. You may send your questions, suggestions, comments and the completed exercises to:

NTC video material, ages 4-7
NTC video material, ages 8-12
Sign up for NTC video material
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