NTC Online Seminar – CST Method

The CST method, as part of the NTC methodology aims to  stimulate pupils’ motivation and interest. Each of the three letters represents a pillar that is the basis for “awakening” children’s attention in class:  

  • Competition – How to use competition to achieve natural discipline, positive atmosphere, auditory attention and teamwork? 
  • Secrecy – How to turn information from the book into a mystery to be unravelled and learn a lesson along the way to the answer? 
  • Trend – How to use children’s interests to process teaching units?


The seminar attendees will be presented with learning techniques, popular science books and didactic material of the NTC Learning System, aimed at encouraging children’s interest in learning and fostering the development of their functional thinking. The attendees will learn how to apply the methods, didactic material and games in their work with children in the classroom and how to adapt them to the material they are working on. 

The course is interactive, so all participants will have the opportunity to apply the NTC methodology in practice already during the seminar, and the NTC expert team will provide them with guidelines and suggestions to help them upgrade the programme implementation. 


The seminar is designed for primary class teachers and subject teachers. However, it may be useful for everyone involved in education of children and adults. It can also be interesting and beneficial for every parent who finds that the NTC learning system may help their children to learn and acquire learning content more effectively. 


The CST method is a one day seminar and it will be held on 18 March 2023, from 3 p.m to 7 p.m. 

The participants will have the opportunity to see many games, techniques and methods for processing teaching units. They will be presented with various games and activities suitable for: 

  • Introduction to a teaching unit (beginning of a school lesson) 
  • Acquiring learning content (main part of the class) 
  • Establishing what was learned (final part of the class) 




The seminar is held by Dr. Vuk Rajović and Dr. Nemanja Bojanić, the NTC team members in charge of the NTC programme development and its implementation in working with school children. 

In their many years of experience, they have designed and implemented the NTC Science – part of the NTC Learning System the aim of which is to encourage children’s interest in natural sciences and facilitate their understanding of the subjects’ learning material.  

With the same aim, they published two popular science books for children: Branko and Stanko – In the World of Atoms and Branko and Stanko – A Trip to the Elementarium, as well as the board game Chemicado. 


They were members of the working group during the implementation of the NTC learning system pilot training – practical implementation of the programme, organised by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and the Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation. 


The CST Seminar Online costs RSD 3,000 or EUR 25, for payments from outside Serbia. 

Note: Each participant is provided with a certificate of completion. Professional development points are not awarded for participation in the online seminar. 


For the invoicing purpose, legal entities should fill in the application form: 


Any questions? Contact us at seminari@ntcucenje.com 

If the date is not convenient for you, and you would like to be informed about the next one, please fill in the following form: Newsletter


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