Animal Swap

The social game Animal Swap aims to get children acquainted with animals and their characteristics, through play, interaction and reasoning. The game’s added value: 

  • Training thinking skills, the ability to identify, connect and draw conclusions 
  • Developing communication skills 
  • Developing the ability to solve problems quickly 
  • Developing swift reactions and decision making skills 
  • Developing thought classifications, thought series and associations, thus boosting the development of mathematical logical thinking 


The box contains a deck of 60 cards with different animals. There are 6 card categories for different animals (wild, domestic, animals from distant lands, aquatic, birds and insects). Every category contains 5 different animals, making a total of 30 different animals, each with a duplicate. Each card features an image of an animal, a small flag and the animal’s name in the language spoken in the country, as well as the world map with the animal’s habitats marked. 

The cards are marked with 5 different flags (Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France and Russia). During the game, the players pay attention to the animal, flag and continents, while the name of the animal is not used. It serves only as an information on how to write its name in the language of the country whose flag is displayed on the card. 

The child has a hand of 2, 3 or 4 cards with animals and, based on a question asked by the game presenter (parent, teacher…), needs to identify the criteria for a swap. Example questions: 

  1. I’m swapping a camel for an animal that has something to do with pedestrian crossing 
  1. I’m swapping a zebra for an animal that is a lady. 
  1. I’m swapping a lion for an animal that can build a nest. 

Detailed instructions with about 100 questions are included in the box. 

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