The game is based on the well-known Battleship guessing game, though the objective of the Multiplier is not to discover the opposing player’s ship positions but treasures. The main difference is that the squares in the grid where the treasures are hidden are islands with the multiplication table values. During the game, the players ask each other questions in the following form:

“Is your treasure hidden in the field 3 x 5 = 15?”



The game is designed in such a way to help children visualise multiplication and it can be used to familiarise them with what the multiplication operation represents and how we work out the product. Playing the Multiplier game, children encounter pirates, wizards, dwarves, as well as fiction-mongers and sandstorms. The player who proves to be the most resourceful in such a company and environment, wins. More importantly, though, all the treasure hunters will learn the multiplication table by playing.

The Multiplier game encourages children to:

– Develop mathematical and logical skills

– Quick thinking and solving multiplication problems

– Develop cognitive abilities

– Learn through play


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