Think With Your Hands – Fingertip

Think With Your Hands is a game by which kids activate and connect sensorimotor and associative regions of the cerebral cortex and develop divergent thinking (creativity and giftedness) and imagination. The game’s added value: 

  • Practising memory, concentration 
  • Adopting new concepts 
  • Developing communication skills 
  • Developing functional thinking by connecting associations and symbols 

Age: 6+ 

Round duration: 10–15 minutes 



The game includes 10 cards with different tactile surfaces and 20 cards with different flags. 

Apart from the 10 tactile cards that are used initially, there are 10 more of the same that are used at the end of the game. The first player places 10 tactile cards on the table and then takes the deck of flags and places 10 of them beside each of the tactile cards. The second player needs to memorise which card goes with which material and has 90 seconds to do so.  They may touch the tactile cards and run their fingers over them to memorise them better. When the 90 seconds run out, the second player closes their eyes and the first player takes the other deck of tactile cards and hands them one by one card. The second player touches the card and tries to guess the country whose flag is placed next to the material. The aim of the game is to memorise as many card pairs (a tactile card and a flag card) as possible. 

By applying the NTC techniques, such as illogical stories and associations, we stimulate the use of additional brain capacity, thus making it easier to memorise. 

Detailed game instructions are included in the box. 

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